Chicago Gourme - bio: Kady Yon
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Kady Yon

Boka Restaurant

Born in Hong Kong, but a native of McHenry, Illinois, Kady Yon decided to forgo studying International Law at University of Iowa to join the ranks of progressive pastry chefs in Chicago. Without any formal training, Yon instinctively decided to pursue her passion for food and secured a position working with chef Bill Kim at Le Lan. Shortly after Le Lan and a brief time at the Four Seasons, Yon began to focus on desserts at Charlie Trotter’s and went on to become the pastry chef of this award-winning restaurant.

 In mid-2010, Yon joined the BOKA RESTAURANT GROUP as BOKA RESTAURANT’s pastry chef. Yon’s desserts showcase her preference for familiar ingredients, as well as a distinct balance of freshness, acidity and nostalgia. Deriving inspiration from both nature and art, Yon masterfully crafts desserts based on each ingredient's characteristic and loves the unpredictability one batch of product has from the next.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 28 - 30