Chicago Gourmet - bio: Gilbert Langlois
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Gilbert Langlois


Chef Gilbert Langlois grew up in Mokena, Illinois, then a small farming town. As young boy, he was fascinated by his mother's and grandmother's cooking - the smells of the kitchen and the anticipation to taste their recipes made Langlois yearn to cook as an adult. It was no surprise when Langlois grew up to be a chef, moving first to New Orleans (where he may or may not have learned his secret fried chicken recipe...) Returning to Chicago, he landed his first Chef position at Pepper Lounge shortly after his arrival. He moved on to receive critical acclaim as the Chef at Technicolor Kitchen and then Rushmore. Later he honed his management skills in the mega-sized Chicago branch of Sushi Samba Rio, in the role of Executive Chef. It was in 2006 when he finally realized his lifelong dream and purchased a building and opened Chalkboard, with his Chicago-actress wife, Elizabeth Laidlaw, and their newly born son, Owen, (who is the official boss!) Upon opening, he received three stars from critics, as well as numerous accolades that continue to pour in, such as "One of the Top 20 New Restaurants in Chicago," (Chicago Magazine) and making all the "Best of" lists for various recipes. Gilbert is committed to ecological responsibility and places special emphasis on creating menus using locally grown, organic, and sustainably harvested ingredients wherever possible.

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