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IRA Educational Foundation

Scholarship Application 2004-2005


For more information regarding this application, please refer to the cover letter of the Scholarship Application, the list of Scholarships Available for 2004-2005, and the Instructions for Scholarship Application, or visit the IRA Educational Foundation website at  You may also contact the IRA Educational Foundation office at     (800) 572-1086 or (312) 787-4000, x146.

This entire application must be typed and fully completed.  An electronic version of this application is available online at  A word-processed document may be used in place of this application only if presented in the exact order of this application.  Handwritten applications will not be submitted for judging.

Every question must be answered.  If you think a question does not apply to you, mark “N/A” in the space.  If this application contains any blank spaces, other than in the sections marked "optional", it will be considered incomplete and will not be submitted for judging.

We recommend that applicants make a full copy of the completed application and all supporting documents before submitting the application package to the IRA Educational Foundation. The Foundation cannot be responsible for incomplete application packages.

Section 1  ·  Personal Information

First Name                                               Middle Initial                

Last Name                                          

Permanent Address                                                                                                                              

City                                                         County                         State             


Phone Number                                                  

Email Address                                                                          

Cell Phone                                                            

Parent/Back-up Phone Number                                  

Social Security Number (required)                                                

Date of Birth                                        

Picture:               Yes, I have included my picture with this application, and consent to it being used by the IRA Educational Foundation for marketing purposes


Optional information

Sex:                   Female        Male



American Indian or Alaskan Nativ

Asian American or Pacific Islander

Black/African American




Section 2  ·  Application Information

A.  General Application Information

 Yes, I graduated / will graduate from a ProStart high school · Year                                                   

 Yes, I earned / will earn a ProStart certificate · #                      · Year                     

 No, I did not graduate from a ProStart high school and did not earn a ProStart certificate, but I am eligible to apply for an IRA Educational Foundation scholarship because I am pursuing a post-secondary degree in foodservice/hospitality management.

B.  Have you received a scholarship from the IRA Educational Foundation before?

 No             Yes · Year                                                                                                             

         If Yes, Scholarship Awarded                                                                                          

         If Yes, Career Mentor Name                                                                                          

Section 3  ·  Interests

What are your area(s) of interest?  Please circle all that apply.



 Corporate / Healthcare / School / On-site foodservice



 Fine dining

 Food science / Research & Development

 Foodservice advertising/marketing

 General management

 Hotel Food & Beverage

 Independent restaurant management

 Multi-unit concept management

 Personal chef

 Quick service restaurant management

 Supply & distribution


Section 4  ·  School Information

A.  Current school information

 I am currently a High School student                    

 I am currently a College student  

 I am not currently a student, but I intend to enroll for 2004-2005

Current School (attending during 2003-2004)                                                                                            

Current School's Address                                                                                                                      

City                                                                                   State                           


Cumulative GPA                         (out of  4.0 or                  ) indicate if GPA is not based on a 4.0 scale

Section 4  ·  School Information, continued

B.  School at which scholarship would be used - General Information

I have been accepted for Fall 2004                         

I applied, but am not yet accepted, for Fall 2004

Future College/University (attending 2004-2005)                                                                                       

Address of Financial Aid Office                                                                                                               

City                                                                                   State                           


Financial Aid Office Phone Number                                     


My school is:  Private    Public & I receive in-state tuition    Public, but I don't receive in-state tuition

School Fees: Tuition                                                         




C. School at which scholarship would be used - Academic Information

My Goal:            Associate’s Degree           Bachelor’s Degree       Other                                     

Expected Graduation Date (month/year)                                               

Credit hours per term                    

Major                                                   Minor                                        


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