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Nathan Sears

Nathan Sears

The Radler


Chef Nathan Sears discovered his career in cooking by circumstance. A Midwest native, born in Arkansas and raised in Chicago's south suburbs, Sears made the initial move to pursue the creative arts before he found that the culinary arts were where his passions truly lie. Sears attended the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago and graduated in two years with a cooking internship lined up at Coco Pazzo under Executive Chef Tony Priolo. Upon the internship completion, Sears took a job cooking with Chef Andrew Zimmerman at Mod in Wicker Park. Nine months later, weary from the daily hassle of commuting into the city, Sears took a job at Vie. After years of moving up, Chef Sears took the helm of the Michelin starred Vie and worked closely with Executive Chef Paul Virant to continue to push and develop the menu.

During the early stages of Radler and D.A.S. Chef Sears searched deep in books and within himself to find what Radler is and what it would become. Taking on a cuisine that is at the heart of everything he loves about cooking, that image started to appear. The menu and idea started to stem from the love of fermenting, pickling, curing, smoking and bread making. German culture is so obsessed with meats and breads it was a perfect fit in a place Chef Sears wasn’t looking.

He has set himself up to be versatile in the kitchen by working in and with some of the best chefs and in some of the great restaurants in Chicago. Chef Sears feels that over time in the kitchen, he has established a friendship with food and is confident in the skills he has worked hard to attain. "Cooking, for me, is exciting and the instant gratification from guests and knowing the job was well done draws me back day after day. At the end of the day you want to love what you do and I am doing that in the kitchen."

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