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Brady Lowe
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Brady Lowe

Cochon555 The Founder

Growing up in Iowa, Brady read “Choose Your Own Adventure” books and his mom’s cookbooks, both an influence to the narrative of his culinary future. Lowe is a respected authority of fine wine and artisan cheese community and has been producing exceptional food events since 2003. It was then while working in Atlanta at the dawn of the local food movement, that Lowe was among the first to unite boutique wines and hard-to-find cheeses. One cheese pairing in particular sparked an ‘out of body experience’ in a customer that Lowe would never forget. At that moment, he devoted himself to transcending the boundaries of the food world, to creating unique combinations, not just with ingredients but among stories and people. Now a food educator and taste influencer, Lowe manages one of the most hyper-local food tour in North America. Passionate about reaching individuals with a message about social and environmental responsibility, Lowe’s vision aligns with a community of chefs, butchers, winemakers, distillers, brewers and farmers that we all depend on to keep the love of food alive. He created Taste Network in 2003 and today, the mission remains the same, to educate consumers on honest food and drink.

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