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Abraham Conlon

 Abraham Conlon

 Fat Rice

 Growing up in blue-collar Lowell Ma, Abe’s culinary beginning was heavily  impacted by his Portuguese heritage and a strong Southeast Asian presence in  his community. Beginning a professional cooking career at the age of 15, Abe  gained knowledge of classic sensibilities early on.  His understanding of French  technique and refinement bloomed under the disciples of Fredy Giradet and  Grey Kunz, fromwhich he continued his classic training at the Culinary Institute of  America while also studying fusion techniques under Norman Van Aken. 

 The next stage in Abe’s career found him running Chez Asian Bistro in the  Dominican Republic, melding traditional Southeast Asian styles with local  ingredients, and then Augustine’s at  Fredericksburg Square in Virginia, where be become the youngest Chef to be awarded a Four Diamond Award by AAA. Upon arriving in Chicago, Abe founded X-marx, an underground experience exploring modern techniques as well as world home-style cuisines.  Now, his new venture Fat Rice is a return to roots, harmonizing the rich influence of Abe’s upbringing and heritage with a thirst for culinary exploration and preservation, focusing on food from modest traditions, prepared with an immense respect for ritual, custom and technique. 


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